Residential Landscape Maintenance New York

A well-maintained landscape plays a vital role in lifting up the curb appeal of any surrounding. To keep your landscape well kept it is important to employ good landscape maintenance routines on a daily basis. It is important to understand what type of plants and trees would suit your abode the best. We, at Della Pasqua Industries, provide our customers with quality services for maintaining the residential landscapes.

The climatic conditions as well as the type of soil are the deciding factors and should be considered before planting different varieties of trees and shrubs in the vicinity as the conditions might be favorable for some plants while unfavorable for others. We study every aspect critically and suggest you the correct varieties of plants and trees that enhance the look of your residential landscape an makes it more appealing to visitors and passersby.

Every aspect of the residential area should be given equal attention as the overall look of the residential landscape is of utmost importance. Apart from keeping the landscape maintained, it is also essential to keep the walkways and borders neat and clean as this also plays a vital role in lifting the aesthetic appeal of the residential landscape.
Practicing proper bordering techniques helps in keeping the different varieties of plants and shrubs separated and also beautifies the surroundings.

Residential Landscape Maintenance

Below mentioned are some tips that a beginner must use in order to maintain his residential landscape:

Get rid of weeds: The growth of excessive weeds on your landscape is not good for the health of the plant. Weed is scientifically proven to hamper the quality of soil and decrease its fertility. The best way to treat weed is to pull out the entire growth from the roots so that it is not able to regrow. There are various tools can aid you in removing weed from the landscape such as hoes and weeders. Herbicides are also an option if the weed growth is excessive.

Keep a check on the soil: Maintaining the health of the soil is also very crucial to promote plant growth. Using an aerator can help in perforating the soil and maintain water levels. This is helpful as the nutrients and air reach deep into the soil. The best season to aerate your landscape is during fall.

Practice thatching: The technique of thatching is very useful in maintaining the health of the plants as it reduces the amount of dead and decaying elements from the top layer of the soil. However, thatching can prove to be healthy as well if lengths are kept to three-quarters of an inch. To practice thatching, tools such as a thatching rake or a power dethatcher can be used.

Mowing and Leveling: Mowing and leveling help in enhancing the overall look of the residential landscape. Mowing helps in improving the root development.

If you are a beginner and want to know more about residential landscape maintenance in New York or if you want to hire professionals for the same, contact DPI New York.