For complete ecstasy of the home in New York, main focus should be on the landscape design. The goal of sustainable landscape design in New York is to keep in control the input of resources and output of waste in your yards and gardens. Residential garden owners should treat water as a resource to achieve eco-friendly aspirations, value the soil, preserve existing plants and conserve materials.

To plan the front yard of your home, start with a stable road-map

When laying out the walks, follow natural access patterns, else your kids or dogs will walk through them and destroy the beauty. A straight path is the shortest and the least expensive and, sometimes, the most sensible, too. Make use of curves when required. Make walls at least 36 inches wide so that it serves visual appeal and combines practicality at the same time. For an illusion of greater or lesser distance, try widening one end. Extra width at curves is pleasant. The walks should slope 1 to 5 percent and try making the entrance interesting by placing some plants. Between the walk and taller verticals, a buffer zone of ground cover, lawn or flowers, of at least 2-feet wide gives more room for movement.

To make your house stand out in your locality in New York, ask your landscape designer to add interest to walks by choosing brick patterns or exposed-aggregate textures. In case there are concrete walks, cover them up with brick paver, slate, or tile. For natural garden path away from the house, loose materials like wood chips are fine, and suitable for the front yard.

Backyard Design Plans

Backyard is a true extension of the home. If your backyard is properly landscaped, it will provide additional outdoor living space where you can spend quality time with your family and friends. It is a perfect place for recreation as well as relaxation.

For landscape designing of the front yard, there are different ideas as the front yard design is created for entry convenience, curb appeal and flashy appearance to the audience and spectators.

Apart from extended beauty, backyards are even created for privacy, gardening, recreation and relaxation. Backyards are even used for breakfast areas, swimming pools, barbecue or garden pools.

Taking into consideration the usefulness of the backyard area, you need to manage your budget accordingly. It is always of great interest to have a beautiful entrance, but keep in mind as to how much budget your backyard paradise is going to use before planning the other areas.

Consider these tips and factors that could affect the final outcome of the front and the backyard landscape design of your establishment:

  1. Size of Your Garden – Plan your garden and place object within it by determining the space available. Make a pathway or sitting area in a way that your garden doesn’t look messy and is visibly clean.

  2. Design Ideas – Choose design ideas by looking at sample images.

  3. Choosing Your Plants – Whatever you choose, herbs, flowers, etc., keep in mind the space they will need to grow properly. Each plant should get the space and sun it needs to grow without being left out.

  4. Year-Round Plants – It is advisable to consider plants that grow throughout the year. This way, your garden will look full of other types of greenery even if the bulk of its flowers die down.

  5. Architectural Features – Gazebos, patios, ponds and pathways all add another touch of style to any garden design. Before completing your design, make sure you consider the size and placement of various architectural features.

It is highly recommended you consult expert landscaping professionals who are vastly experienced in sustainable landscaping techniques, materials and technologies so that they can provide you the most fitting services.