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Rooftop garden design services in Manhattan

With increasing pollution, it has become a necessity to plant more trees and plants within cities. It is a great way of improving air quality and reducing global warming. However, with limited space and soaring property prices, having a lush garden space for your commercial or residential property for some has become a vivid dream. Don’t get disheartened as we have the perfect solution to this problem. If you are somebody who loves greenery and wishes to have a space full of plants but don’t have a backyard or garden. The team at Della Pasqua Industries have years of experience in curating appealing rooftop garden designs for a variety of different clients.

Rooftop gardens not only provide a stunning scenic view but will have a significant impact on your health as well. What’s better than getting fresh air every morning in the vicinity of your own property, or offering a green escape in the heart of the city for your guests? Rooftop gardens have gained immense popularity over the years because of the benefits that they have to offer. We, at Della Pasqua Industries, pay special attention to detail and make sure that each and every step is undertaken with precision.

Rooftop Garden Design

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In order to create an exceptional sustainable rooftop garden design, it is important to first examine the available space and draft the most viable designs. The professionals at Della Pasqua Industries pay attention to detail at each and every step of constructing the perfect commercial and residential rooftop garden in Manhattan. Make your property look more appealing and alluring by installing patios, appropriate lighting, and lamps. Our experts suggest the best rooftop garden ideas that will uplift the aesthetic appeal of your property and help you reap maximum benefits.

Benefits of installing Residential rooftop gardens include :

  • Improvement in air quality
  • Rainwater conservation and effective usage
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Great urban agriculture initiative
  • Overall health benefits

Let our experienced experts handle your rooftop garden design project while you sit back and relax. We will put forth impeccable designs for you to choose from and decorate your rooftop in an environment-friendly manner.

Hire Professional Rooftop Garden Design Experts In Manhattan

For comprehensive and genuine sustainable rooftop gardens services in Manhattan, hire the experts at Della Pasqua Industries! Our professionals have decades of experience in rendering feasible solutions to their clients. Watch as your commercial and residential properties get revamped under the supervision of seasoned experts. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction through our services.

If you are looking for professionals to amplify or redesign your existing commercial or residential rooftop garden in Manhattan, get in touch with our team today! Call us at 212-708-3987 for a free estimate.

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