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Green Walls New York

Green Wall Landscape Design

A vertical garden or a green wall, as it is commonly called, can bring nature’s touch to your house or your workplace even if it is in the middle of a concrete jungle. Whether installed on inside of the house or the outside, the green wall is a factor that can greatly enhance your landscape. We at DPI New York, design and create customized green walls for both residential and commercial properties. Our team specializes in building custom vertical gardens that are elegant, flourishing and well, green.

Green Walls NYC
Our professionals design, install and grow a vertical garden according to clients’ likings, and space. We offer our clients a variety of designs and plants to choose from. Leave the worries about architecture, green wall construction, its irrigation etc. to us. We can handle it all. Not only green walls look soothing to the eye, but they also bring you closer to the nature. Add the green factor to your house/workplace.
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