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Green Wall Landscape Design

A vertical garden or a green wall landscape, as it is commonly called, can bring nature’s touch to a residential as well a commercial property even if it is in the middle of a concrete jungle. Whether installed on inside of the property or the outside, the green wall can greatly enhance your landscape. At DPI New York, our experts are proficient in garden wall designs and create customized green walls for both residential and commercial properties. Our team specializes in building custom vertical garden designs that are elegant, flourishing and well, green.

Our professional designers install and grow a vertical garden according to clients’ likings and space. We offer our clients a variety of garden wall designs and plants to choose from. Our garden walls can also be used as room divisions to brighten up the workplace. These vertical gardens give your property a sleek modern appearance. This addition of green space in your property also enhances the productivity in the commercial places.

Green Wall Landscape Design

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Benefits of green walls include:

  • Fully assembled by our experts at delivery
  • Expert and quick planting
  • All replacements are easily and quickly done without any inconvenience
  • Our green wall design tray systems provide three weeks of water without refilling
  • No water pumps or electricity required

Leave the worries about green wall landscape with our expert! Our experts are proficient to handle them all.

What do we offer?

Our vertical garden designs, or the green walls include the plants mounted at an angle in a planter tray. This gives the appearance of a beautiful green wall. These chic and modern creations are customized according to your likings, installation space and size. Our experts have the expertise to match the garden wall with your property’s color scheme. Hire leading providers of vertical garden designs in New York! At DPI New York, it is our clients who choose shape and size of the green wall. We will customize our garden wall designs according to your liking. The plants will also be your choice. Our expert green wall landscape designers will create designs that are both beautiful and elegant.

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