With winter is over, it is necessary that you revive your trees and shrubs for the summer. Right now, is the perfect season to give them a much-needed boost with annual feeding. Landscape in residential as well as commercial properties is an investment that needs to be regularly taken care of. As flora in the landscape matures, the value and beauty should increase. However, being subjected to hard environment and chemicals especially in New York, it is necessary that proper care of the plants is done.

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To make sure that your plants thrive in your landscape, you need to give them special care that would include proper feeding before they show any sign of distress or decay. One of the methods that professionals landscaper swear is root feeding.

What is root feeding?
Root feeding is a process in which the professional landscapers place in the blend of fertilizers directly in the roots of the trees and shrubs.

Benefits of roots feeding

  • One of the biggest reasons to root feed your plants is because it gets deep in the plant’s lifeline. This process will make sure that the plants are able to withstand any environmental stress.
  • Root feeding is the best way to provide nutrients to your plants. It acts quickly as the plant absorb nutrients almost immediately.
  • It also helps with the health of the plants as all the needed ingredients for the growth are present in the soil.
  • It will improve and revitalize the soil.
  • Plants use a lot of energy to flower and grow. Hence, in summer, it is important that plants get nutrients as quickly as possible.
  • With right feeding, the plants will become immune to drought and dry weather.
  • Value of your landscape investment will grow rather than declining.
  • This process is one of the best in the landscape industry as they provide defense against disease and insect attacks.
  • Your plants will flower better and grow better.

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