green wall landscape

One of the biggest problems that New Yorkers face is the absence of a garden. New York City is filled with skyscrapers and apartment buildings and thus, it is tough to plant a garden. In such a place, the green wall landscapes are the garden that works the best. At DPI, our experts design exquisite green wall landscapes with innovative and modern techniques that work indoors as well as outdoors.

Whether it is a corporate property or an apartment in the city, green wall landscapes work the best. In a city full of concrete jungle, green walls give a much-needed dash of color, health, and happiness in the life of the denizens. Want to know more about green walls? Here are the reasons by our experts on why you should add a green wall to your property:

green wall landscape

Ideal for indoor spaces

One thing that all our clients ask for is whether the green walls can be installed indoors. Majority of people believe that to add green inside their home is only through the potted plants. However, that is not at all true. With living green walls, you would be able to make your home lush without compromising on floor space, workplace or your interior design.

The green wall landscapes work even better in the property with limited spaces. Many New Yorkers opt to add a small herb garden in their home through living walls.

Gardening as a way to express your emotions and mood

Every individual has a hobby. For the majority of New Yorkers, gardening is what they love. When properly planted and taken care of, plants serve as a great medium of beauty and expression. Green wall landscape acts as a canvas where you can modify and customize the plants and their settings according to your mood. Similar to the paint canvases, the living wall is nothing short of a place where you can express your mood.

Define your space

With limited living space in the apartments, the green walls also act as a great partition that can be used to define your space. From breaking down the backyard or even patio in different seating sections to creating meditation areas in your home, the green walls are the best ways to create beautiful structures without investing a lot of money.

Perfect for Urban Environments

The people who live in the city, especially in the boxed sized apartments have the roof and their balconies to create the gardens. However, as these places are small, green wall landscapes work the best. In the urban environment, the need for greenery is a must and green walls provide that. You can use green walls for aesthetics as well as functionality. The plants also ensure that there are less pollution and even less dust.

No matter what people think, adding a green wall to your residence or the commercial space is not an easy task. It needs to be done by the expert. At Della Pasqua Industries (DPI), we make sure that our clients are happy with the living walls. Our experts have more than 20 years of combined knowledge of the landscaping industry.

Residential Landscape Maintenance New York

A well-maintained landscape plays a vital role in lifting up the curb appeal of any surrounding. To keep your landscape well kept it is important to employ good landscape maintenance routines on a daily basis. It is important to understand what type of plants and trees would suit your abode the best. We, at Della Pasqua Industries, provide our customers with quality services for maintaining the residential landscapes.

The climatic conditions as well as the type of soil are the deciding factors and should be considered before planting different varieties of trees and shrubs in the vicinity as the conditions might be favorable for some plants while unfavorable for others. We study every aspect critically and suggest you the correct varieties of plants and trees that enhance the look of your residential landscape an makes it more appealing to visitors and passersby.

Every aspect of the residential area should be given equal attention as the overall look of the residential landscape is of utmost importance. Apart from keeping the landscape maintained, it is also essential to keep the walkways and borders neat and clean as this also plays a vital role in lifting the aesthetic appeal of the residential landscape.
Practicing proper bordering techniques helps in keeping the different varieties of plants and shrubs separated and also beautifies the surroundings.

Residential Landscape Maintenance

Below mentioned are some tips that a beginner must use in order to maintain his residential landscape:

Get rid of weeds: The growth of excessive weeds on your landscape is not good for the health of the plant. Weed is scientifically proven to hamper the quality of soil and decrease its fertility. The best way to treat weed is to pull out the entire growth from the roots so that it is not able to regrow. There are various tools can aid you in removing weed from the landscape such as hoes and weeders. Herbicides are also an option if the weed growth is excessive.

Keep a check on the soil: Maintaining the health of the soil is also very crucial to promote plant growth. Using an aerator can help in perforating the soil and maintain water levels. This is helpful as the nutrients and air reach deep into the soil. The best season to aerate your landscape is during fall.

Practice thatching: The technique of thatching is very useful in maintaining the health of the plants as it reduces the amount of dead and decaying elements from the top layer of the soil. However, thatching can prove to be healthy as well if lengths are kept to three-quarters of an inch. To practice thatching, tools such as a thatching rake or a power dethatcher can be used.

Mowing and Leveling: Mowing and leveling help in enhancing the overall look of the residential landscape. Mowing helps in improving the root development.

If you are a beginner and want to know more about residential landscape maintenance in New York or if you want to hire professionals for the same, contact DPI New York.

Commercial landscaping Design

New York City is a network of variety of systems. There are urban spaces that are fondly called the urban jungle and the big public spaces full of greenery such as Central Park. Landscape in New York, just like the city is very planned. While many people believe that the public spaces should be transformed in the urban spaces, the necessity of landscape is rising day by day. Our expert landscapers at DPI have always placed emphasis on the importance of landscape in the growing cities. There are numerous reasons why the public places are considered extremely important. Here are a few reasons why:

Commercial landscaping Design

It benefits our health
One of the biggest reasons to have landscape in the city is to create a relaxing environment through which the people can decompress from the stressful days. The open spaces such as parks and gardens better the air while reducing climate and water pollution. The leading planned landscapes in New York are Central Park in New York City, Washington State Park in Greenwich Village, Staten Island Greenbelt and more.

It helps build a sense of community, civic identity and culture
Public spaces are created not only to make the city beautiful but to create community, culture and a civic identity among the denizens of city. The landscapers are created to attract the citizens and improve their health and wellbeing. Properly designed landscape often inspire the people to better with their lives. Many homeowners go on to build professionally designed landscape after being inspired by the public spaces.

It helps distribute important information
Since the first cities came about, public spaces have always been an important source of providing important information to the people. With modern technology, this dispensation of facts and figures can be done in an aesthetically pleasing way, with professionally run digital signage services such as LoopTV. Many homeowners integrate digital signage into their landscape, as they can promote their neighborhood while adding a sense of liveliness to it.

Has the ability to drive economic growth
The landscaping and hardscaping improves the aesthetic value of the property. The landscapes on the public scale improve the city and promotes its economic growth. The parks such as Central Park Landscape in New York City are not only perfect for family picnic or spending a day in nature but are great for concerts or functions.

Can transform wasted space
There is so much space even in the planned cities that is wasted as it is left bare. The walls of the corporate buildings can be transformed in green walls and vertical gardens. Old waterfalls and waterfronts with minimum traffic can be transformed in tree lined paths. These changes in the unused public spaces gives character as the city is full of concrete skyscrapers. A dash of color, addition of art installation or creating community attraction gives the city, it much required planned landscape. Our designers have worked with numerous commercial and residential property owners to create a landscape that inspires.

The landscape in the New York – present as well as potential- are to be planned and created in such a way that they become a cultural hub for the tourists and citizens alike. Our professional landscape designers incorporate the designs and suggestions that are meant to inspire and invigorate any one you spends time in it. We work on residential as well commercial landscape and create them in a way

For complete ecstasy of the home in New York, main focus should be on the landscape design. The goal of sustainable landscape design in New York is to keep in control the input of resources and output of waste in your yards and gardens. Residential garden owners should treat water as a resource to achieve eco-friendly aspirations, value the soil, preserve existing plants and conserve materials.

To plan the front yard of your home, start with a stable road-map

When laying out the walks, follow natural access patterns, else your kids or dogs will walk through them and destroy the beauty. A straight path is the shortest and the least expensive and, sometimes, the most sensible, too. Make use of curves when required. Make walls at least 36 inches wide so that it serves visual appeal and combines practicality at the same time. For an illusion of greater or lesser distance, try widening one end. Extra width at curves is pleasant. The walks should slope 1 to 5 percent and try making the entrance interesting by placing some plants. Between the walk and taller verticals, a buffer zone of ground cover, lawn or flowers, of at least 2-feet wide gives more room for movement.

To make your house stand out in your locality in New York, ask your landscape designer to add interest to walks by choosing brick patterns or exposed-aggregate textures. In case there are concrete walks, cover them up with brick paver, slate, or tile. For natural garden path away from the house, loose materials like wood chips are fine, and suitable for the front yard.

Backyard Design Plans

Backyard is a true extension of the home. If your backyard is properly landscaped, it will provide additional outdoor living space where you can spend quality time with your family and friends. It is a perfect place for recreation as well as relaxation.

For landscape designing of the front yard, there are different ideas as the front yard design is created for entry convenience, curb appeal and flashy appearance to the audience and spectators.

Apart from extended beauty, backyards are even created for privacy, gardening, recreation and relaxation. Backyards are even used for breakfast areas, swimming pools, barbecue or garden pools.

Taking into consideration the usefulness of the backyard area, you need to manage your budget accordingly. It is always of great interest to have a beautiful entrance, but keep in mind as to how much budget your backyard paradise is going to use before planning the other areas.

Consider these tips and factors that could affect the final outcome of the front and the backyard landscape design of your establishment:

  1. Size of Your Garden – Plan your garden and place object within it by determining the space available. Make a pathway or sitting area in a way that your garden doesn’t look messy and is visibly clean.

  2. Design Ideas – Choose design ideas by looking at sample images.

  3. Choosing Your Plants – Whatever you choose, herbs, flowers, etc., keep in mind the space they will need to grow properly. Each plant should get the space and sun it needs to grow without being left out.

  4. Year-Round Plants – It is advisable to consider plants that grow throughout the year. This way, your garden will look full of other types of greenery even if the bulk of its flowers die down.

  5. Architectural Features – Gazebos, patios, ponds and pathways all add another touch of style to any garden design. Before completing your design, make sure you consider the size and placement of various architectural features.

It is highly recommended you consult expert landscaping professionals who are vastly experienced in sustainable landscaping techniques, materials and technologies so that they can provide you the most fitting services.

Does your home catches home buyers eyes with those stylish updates and landscaping ideas? Landscape and hardscape in NYC can make or break a home’s curb appeal. Do not let bad landscaping ruin your curb appeal.

No matter how much you adore your exteriors and interiors, remember that to an outsider too much disorderly green can look like disrepair. Shrubs that are thick to the point that windows are covered can visually ‘eat the house.

Colors are extremely important to make your house feel welcoming. Choose colors that can give a bright and clean look to your house. As you see your house daily so you may overlook its exterior blahs and flaws. But if your house doesn’t live up to its curb appeal, a few changes can give it a fantastic look.

Good curb appeal isn’t only about a tidy exterior and attractive landscaping. Boost your street chic by creative ideas that will make passers-by to stare and prospective buyers swoon.

Whether you’re selling or staying, follow these 9 tips to maximize your curb appeal and keep your home’s landscaping and exterior looking its best.

Pick the Right Landscaping: If you want to create curb appeal that will not lose its look through all the seasons and years, look for low maintenance plants. Let a landscaper help you choose plants for your front lawn that will thrive without much fuss from you.

Make it Shine: Your home may lose its exterior look with landscaping features such as paths, walls, and other hardscaping getting dirty over time. Get your landscape features professionally pressure washed so that they give a glossy look.

Make Watering Easier: An automatic irrigation system will keep your landscape lush and green. This will typically use less water than sprinkler system. Keeping your lawn watered will make it yellow and patchy.

Tailor Border Plantings: Large random-looking plants can overwhelm new eyes. Your border plantings should be clean, grouped by color to cover up foundations and external vents.

Lessen the Lawn: You won’t be able to maintain your home’s curb appeal when you always have to mow, fertilize and weed your lawn. Replace at least some of your lawn with low-maintenance garden beds filled with evergreen shrubs which grow well in most soils and require little maintenance.

Maintain Paint and Siding: Periodically check your home’s paint for any dull or damaged growth. Fixing problems early can help you avoid a costly repair when it comes time to sell. Keep the growth in check with regular cleaning.

Brighten House Numbers: Small things like your house number can make a big difference in the overall curb appeal. Paint house numbers so they pop out.

Freshen Up the Front Entrance: The main doorway of a home gets a lot of use and can be a in a bad condition. The front door is a focal point, paint it with an eye catching color and hardware, that is required to be kept lookin nice to maintain your home’s curb appeal. Make sure the doorbell works properly and repair any loose railings.

Light the Path: Do not forget the landscape lighting, it can seriously boost your curb appeal. Giving proper lighting under steps, on path borders and water features will allow your landscaping features to shine out.

Home is where the heart is. Have your friends, neighbors and family step back and have a look at the house. Draw buyers and visitors in through your landscape ideas. It will bring a dramatic difference that you’ll appreciate every time you pull into your driveway.

Your neighbor’s house seems to be more admired than yours? The difference may be the landscape! It is a good starting point to know you need a landscaper. The next step is to figure out the right one for the job. It can be tough to look for the best one. With the huge options of landscapers in New York and surrounding area, it actually becomes a little daunting.

Thus, how do you choose the best Landscape Company in New York for your property?

There are 3 areas that are strongly recommended that you consider when you evaluate each landscape company:

  1. Reputation, Longevity and Financial Stability
  2. Experience and Installation Methodology
  3. Service Before, During and After Your Project

But before you reach for the company, you need to know your landscaping needs. Seek the company specializing in your needs. For the overall success of your project, follow these tips and will be in good hands.

#1- Know your goals

Apart from aesthetics, there are plenty of other reasons why people hire a landscaper.

  •    To make a good impression
  •    Create fancy outdoor areas like swimming pools and gazebos
  •    Attract tenants or customers
  •    Create a place of relaxation

After you know your goals, match it with the right landscaper. Then choose a landscaper, who will listen to your ideas and transform your ideas and goals into solid landscape plans.

#2 – Deal only with experienced and professional landscaping companies

There are small and independent contractors and large design firms offering comprehensive landscaping design services. Deal only with professionals rather than inexperienced companies.

Check the following points when making your choice:

  •    Check the company’s record
  •    Ask how long they have been in the landscaping business
  •    Ask for a portfolio of past projects.
  •    Competent and reliable landscaping work and products.

You can get the reliable information from latest consumer surveys that rate professional landscaping companies according to price, confident and reliability.

# 3 – Ask the referrals

There is no bad in asking around. Talk to your friends or ask for referrals, start by asking your friends and neighbors for good companies, especially if they had a good experience. A good reputation is one sure estimate of landscaper’s skills and abilities. Check for testimonials only contained on the websites of landscaping companies and be sure to talk with at least a few of them directly.

#4 – Do your homework

Make a list of possible candidates and mark those according to the above points, which were referred to you. Another thing to consider is the cost of the service that varies with the companies. Get the best services for the best price. Choose the only landscaping companies with highly trained experts such as landscape architects and designers.

#5 – Professional qualities and relationship

The personal qualities of a professional landscaper are:

  •    Creative
  •    Has good communication skills
  •    Patience and understanding of your needs
  •    Ready and willing to work with you and your ideas
  •    Courteous

Are you comfortable communicating your ideas, goals, priorities, needs and budget with your contractor. You need to build a good working relationship with him. When you hire a landscaping company, you have to deal with more than one men, with all the workmen.

Choosing the right landscaping company is important for the success of your project. Lawn and gardens, especially ones that are done by professionals and are well designed, can transform even ordinary looking property into a beautiful piece of art. Landscaping a worthwhile endeavor.

When you start your research for a professional landscaper, look for evidence that a company has honesty presented, offers worth for money, tactics to tackle every project with the same degree of consideration to detail, timely delivery and is cost efficacy.

Consider what you desire for your outdoor space. Also, make sure you explain the landscaping company what you wish your commercial property to look like. Share what you desire to feel when you are in it. Provide them with some general ideas and let your landscapers make the design come true.

Hence, there are some crucial points which are very necessary to consider whenever you are going to choose one of the landscaping companies in NYC.

Here is some effective point checklist to aid you to choose the correct landscaping company:

Start with some weeding and check credentials: You wouldn’t select your commercial contractor without some research.

  • Choose your landscape the same way
  • Ask for references
  • Look at the gardens, walkways and stonework in and around your neighbourhood

Do you like the quality of the work you see? Cut away the companies you don’t wish to use for certain. Word of mouth is still the best method to find out all about a company’s reputation, size and experience of the company.

Estimate overall strengths: Evaluate design skills,

  • The quality of materials,
  • The level of craftsmanship and
  • Creative abilities

Narrowed down your research yet? Mark the company online. Get a feel for the way of work they perform. Analyse the portfolio and services provided by the landscaper you select.

Associate quotes carefully: If you have shortlisted a few landscaping companies, make sure that you are relating their views on common grounds – same quantity  and quality of materials. Don’t compensate for the poor quality of landscaping products and materials at a cheaper price.

Never think either, that higher quality materials must always come at a greater price. Be informed that responsibility security is normally an integral part of a landscaping company’s quote.

Inquire about contract conditions and warranties and get them in writing:

Consult a contract that includes all the features you can think of. Get all the practical stuff written down. The industry standard is a minimum 1 year on craftsmanship. What does your landscaper’s warranty provide? Ask about the method to claim a warranty should you require it.

Check certifications:

If your landscapers or their team members are wounded while on your property, you do not desire to be answerable. Avoid this by examining to recognize if the landscaping company you hire has coverage from the Worker’s Safety Insurance Board (WSIB). In a case, if they are licensed contractors, they must have this in place.

Follow these above mentioned steps and take the right decision for landscaping services.

In places like New York, landscaping is swiftly becoming a big deal for both residential and commercial projects. With the increasing stress on sustainable development and maintaining a green cover in the area landscaping is becoming a very suitable option for the masses.

Not only does it help in improving the aesthetic appeal of a place, but it comes with a bundle of other benefits as well. If you were to buy a house and saw two options- one with a beautifully maintained landscape around the place and the other with nothing but damp dirt which would flow out every now and then, what would be your choice?

We as human beings always like to welcome beauty in our lives, be it the people we associate with or the place we live in. Landscaping has the potential to bring forth nature’s beauty that we all crave for. If you are still having doubts about the same, here are some prominent factors that make landscaping an important consideration.

  • Health Factors: WIth the right flora and fauna in your vicinity you can develop a healthier lifestyle. The plants help in filtering the air of pollutants and provide you with clean air to breathe in. It contributes greatly to your lifestyle as it hold air related diseases at bay whilst providing a stress free environment.
  • Economic Factors: With a beautiful outlook your property gets appraised in a significant manner. It adds to the overall value of the property and attracts large number of buyers. Also, it helps in mediating the temperature around the property, thus helping you cut down on the costs involved in heating and cooling the place.
  • Social Factors: With green cover in the area more people are bound to come in and it increases the social interaction. The noise and heat is reduced by the plants and the well maintained area can be used as a recreational area making the area pleasant to stay.
  • Environmental Factors: Needless to say that without plants our place would be damp and it would become difficult to breathe. Landscaping prevents soil erosion and reduces the stress of extreme weathers whilst controlling soil degradation and evaporation.

Therefore, if you are wondering why the idea of landscaping is spreading with such flare, here is the answer. Be a part of a team that aims at making the world better place for you and your loved ones.




There are a number of landscaping companies available in the market, but find the best service provider is one of the most daunting tasks. Most of the landscaping companies provide the basics of landscape services, but a professional company take care of the overall needs of the clients with the help of their skilled team members.

There is no doubt that landscape services enhance the overall beauty of the home. For the maximum durability of a landscape design, you must maintain it regularly. When you are busy, it can be very difficult to maintain the landscaping around your home.

In this situation, it is beneficial to take the help of professionals who can offer the top notch landscape maintenance services, including the residential and commercial properties. They are competent enough to provide the prompt services to its clients when it is required.

This helps them to establish the trustworthy relationships with the clients. Always look for a company that is offering the lawn care services for the maintenance of the landscape. Always take the following tips into consideration when looking for a service provider:

  • Find a reputed service provider.
  • Make sure they are offering the best services at an affordable prices.
  • Check the previous work of the company.
  • Look for a company that can work according to your time frames.
  • Hire a company which can meet your requirements.

You can find the best Landscaping Company in Staten Island, they can help you to maintain the beauty of your landscape with proper and timely care. You can trust them for all the cleanup services, including the comprehensive lawn care. With the vast experience and in depth knowledge, they offer the best possible maintenance services to the clients.


Get in touch with the best company to treat your landscape to the best possible maintenance services regardless of the season.



Front yard is the first impression for the visitor about your home. Whether you have a small front yard or large front yard you need to have a perfect outdoor design. If you have a small space then a small garden with grass or flower will look so amazing and perfect for your front yard area.

There are never-ending options for small front yard landscape design plans despite of any style or size of your home. Keep in mind the following points while selecting one.

Make it personal

Remember, your front yard is not only the place to express your taste and personality. When you are choosing complementary plants and designs, keep in mind the architectural style of your home so that your front yard represents the spirit of its traditional or contemporary style.

Size it right

It’s all about proportion when you have a small front yard landscape. If plants or trees are too tall, they can overpower the front of your home. The landscape and hard cape should match the level of the house. Ornamental trees such as cypress can be used hide parts of the front of your home you want hidden. Cutting a large tree from the front of your yard can enhance your home’s character and style.

Go bold

There is no limit to amount of color you can use in your front yard when it comes to flowering plants. Line the sides of your center walkway that will lead to your front door, with bright flowers.

Grassy is not always classy

Small front yards will look beautiful with well-trimmed lawns if they’re maintained properly. You can also cover your lawn with stone or make it a wide walkway, fill borders and rest of the area with mulched beds of any of your favorite annuals.

Put in the maximum work you can put into the whole design of your small front yard.