green wall landscape

One of the biggest problems that New Yorkers face is the absence of a garden. New York City is filled with skyscrapers and apartment buildings and thus, it is tough to plant a garden. In such a place, the green wall landscapes are the garden that works the best. At DPI, our experts design exquisite green wall landscapes with innovative and modern techniques that work indoors as well as outdoors.

Whether it is a corporate property or an apartment in the city, green wall landscapes work the best. In a city full of concrete jungle, green walls give a much-needed dash of color, health, and happiness in the life of the denizens. Want to know more about green walls? Here are the reasons by our experts on why you should add a green wall to your property:

green wall landscape

Ideal for indoor spaces

One thing that all our clients ask for is whether the green walls can be installed indoors. Majority of people believe that to add green inside their home is only through the potted plants. However, that is not at all true. With living green walls, you would be able to make your home lush without compromising on floor space, workplace or your interior design.

The green wall landscapes work even better in the property with limited spaces. Many New Yorkers opt to add a small herb garden in their home through living walls.

Gardening as a way to express your emotions and mood

Every individual has a hobby. For the majority of New Yorkers, gardening is what they love. When properly planted and taken care of, plants serve as a great medium of beauty and expression. Green wall landscape acts as a canvas where you can modify and customize the plants and their settings according to your mood. Similar to the paint canvases, the living wall is nothing short of a place where you can express your mood.

Define your space

With limited living space in the apartments, the green walls also act as a great partition that can be used to define your space. From breaking down the backyard or even patio in different seating sections to creating meditation areas in your home, the green walls are the best ways to create beautiful structures without investing a lot of money.

Perfect for Urban Environments

The people who live in the city, especially in the boxed sized apartments have the roof and their balconies to create the gardens. However, as these places are small, green wall landscapes work the best. In the urban environment, the need for greenery is a must and green walls provide that. You can use green walls for aesthetics as well as functionality. The plants also ensure that there are less pollution and even less dust.

No matter what people think, adding a green wall to your residence or the commercial space is not an easy task. It needs to be done by the expert. At Della Pasqua Industries (DPI), we make sure that our clients are happy with the living walls. Our experts have more than 20 years of combined knowledge of the landscaping industry.

Commercial landscaping Design

New York City is a network of variety of systems. There are urban spaces that are fondly called the urban jungle and the big public spaces full of greenery such as Central Park. Landscape in New York, just like the city is very planned. While many people believe that the public spaces should be transformed in the urban spaces, the necessity of landscape is rising day by day. Our expert landscapers at DPI have always placed emphasis on the importance of landscape in the growing cities. There are numerous reasons why the public places are considered extremely important. Here are a few reasons why:

Commercial landscaping Design

It benefits our health
One of the biggest reasons to have landscape in the city is to create a relaxing environment through which the people can decompress from the stressful days. The open spaces such as parks and gardens better the air while reducing climate and water pollution. The leading planned landscapes in New York are Central Park in New York City, Washington State Park in Greenwich Village, Staten Island Greenbelt and more.

It helps build a sense of community, civic identity and culture
Public spaces are created not only to make the city beautiful but to create community, culture and a civic identity among the denizens of city. The landscapers are created to attract the citizens and improve their health and wellbeing. Properly designed landscape often inspire the people to better with their lives. Many homeowners go on to build professionally designed landscape after being inspired by the public spaces.

It helps distribute important information
Since the first cities came about, public spaces have always been an important source of providing important information to the people. With modern technology, this dispensation of facts and figures can be done in an aesthetically pleasing way, with professionally run digital signage services such as LoopTV. Many homeowners integrate digital signage into their landscape, as they can promote their neighborhood while adding a sense of liveliness to it.

Has the ability to drive economic growth
The landscaping and hardscaping improves the aesthetic value of the property. The landscapes on the public scale improve the city and promotes its economic growth. The parks such as Central Park Landscape in New York City are not only perfect for family picnic or spending a day in nature but are great for concerts or functions.

Can transform wasted space
There is so much space even in the planned cities that is wasted as it is left bare. The walls of the corporate buildings can be transformed in green walls and vertical gardens. Old waterfalls and waterfronts with minimum traffic can be transformed in tree lined paths. These changes in the unused public spaces gives character as the city is full of concrete skyscrapers. A dash of color, addition of art installation or creating community attraction gives the city, it much required planned landscape. Our designers have worked with numerous commercial and residential property owners to create a landscape that inspires.

The landscape in the New York – present as well as potential- are to be planned and created in such a way that they become a cultural hub for the tourists and citizens alike. Our professional landscape designers incorporate the designs and suggestions that are meant to inspire and invigorate any one you spends time in it. We work on residential as well commercial landscape and create them in a way

Front yard is the first impression for the visitor about your home. Whether you have a small front yard or large front yard you need to have a perfect outdoor design. If you have a small space then a small garden with grass or flower will look so amazing and perfect for your front yard area.

There are never-ending options for small front yard landscape design plans despite of any style or size of your home. Keep in mind the following points while selecting one.

Make it personal

Remember, your front yard is not only the place to express your taste and personality. When you are choosing complementary plants and designs, keep in mind the architectural style of your home so that your front yard represents the spirit of its traditional or contemporary style.

Size it right

It’s all about proportion when you have a small front yard landscape. If plants or trees are too tall, they can overpower the front of your home. The landscape and hard cape should match the level of the house. Ornamental trees such as cypress can be used hide parts of the front of your home you want hidden. Cutting a large tree from the front of your yard can enhance your home’s character and style.

Go bold

There is no limit to amount of color you can use in your front yard when it comes to flowering plants. Line the sides of your center walkway that will lead to your front door, with bright flowers.

Grassy is not always classy

Small front yards will look beautiful with well-trimmed lawns if they’re maintained properly. You can also cover your lawn with stone or make it a wide walkway, fill borders and rest of the area with mulched beds of any of your favorite annuals.

Put in the maximum work you can put into the whole design of your small front yard.



The artistic beauty of a house is defined by its surroundings, the garden, its backyard, patio, fine arrangement of flowering plant pots and perennials around the place. A well created garden with a beautiful landscape that compliments your home not only increases its aesthetic appeal but also increases the value of your property.

The reputed company providing landscaping services in the New York City take in several factors such as weather, lighting, and architecture of your home and offer ideas that compliment and balance these elements in perfect harmony. Here are few backyard ideas that you can use to create a picturesque place that is simply breathtaking:

Outdoor Kitchen

If you are a nature lover and like to cook, then what is more perfect than an outdoor kitchen, right in the arms of nature. All you require is a brick oven, an outdoor fire pit and outdoor kitchen appliance. A fun place to cook and host cookout with your neighbors and friends, an outdoor kitchen is an upscale outdoor living space.


The flowing gurgling sound of water would provide a perfect backdrop sound for your beautiful yard and walkway. A small waterfall, or center fountain piece, stone fountain, inverted water rope is some of the most resplendent water features that you can have in your backyard.

Plants and Shrubs Around the Pond

Swimming pool or even a small pond can bring a perfect spark to a dull backyard. It can be a perfect outlet for your family to host evening parties and having fun with your kids. The plants selection around the pool or even ponds should be chosen with care. You can create a boundary for your pond with beautiful colored stones. Plants can provide a privacy screen and aesthetics to the area.

The plants should complement the pond and should be low maintenance. The large trees such as deciduous tree sheds a lots of leaves and other plant matter in the water, thus making it dirty. The best choice would be to plant shrubs and evergreen bushes that are small, easily maintained and lacking the thorny leaves. Zebra grass, purple rice plant and aloe vera are some of the good choices for plants around pond or pool.

There are numerous ideas that you can adopt for the backyard landscaping, taking help of professional landscapers. Stepping stones instead of walkways, Chinese lanterns lighting up the midnight backyard, climbing roses, veils, hanging pots; the ideas for landscaping are endless. But according to your style and budget, you can create some of the most striking landscaping features and light up your backyard.