Fall is here, and much like the return of pumpkin spice lattes, it is time once more for you to have to maintain your property for the fall. You might think that since plants and other forms of greenery aren’t in bloom at this time of the year the maintenance of your property would decrease. However, that is not the case. With the fall comes the turning of the leaves, and although they are beautiful, you would find it rather troublesome to have to walk through giant piles of them to get from one point to the next.

commerical landscaping design

The landscape on your property is beautiful, and you want it to always look its best. It won’t however if you aren’t maintaining it. At DPI we understand that you are busy, and sometimes you do not have the time yourself to maintain the landscape of your commercial or residential property. Whether your property needs season maintenance, or weekly upkeep to ensure it is always looking its best. DPI has a wide variety of services that we offer our New York clients, and we can create a maintenance plan that will meet your landscaping needs and budget!

DPI has prided itself on being the top provider for commercial and residential landscapes for all of our New York clients for more than 20 years. We deliver prompt and detailed service for all of our jobs and dedicate ourselves to ensuring that the beauty in your landscaping lasts a lifetime. From leave removal and cleanup, chemical treatments, and mowing, there is no service too big or small for our team.

While autumn leaves are stunning, and their colors can provide an excellent scenic view for your property, it won’t attract too many visitors if they find it difficult to navigate through it. sometimes giant piles of leaves can pose to be a safety risk if they are covering cracks in the pavement or other sorts of dangers that can arise when you have leaves covering up potential risks, also you could face fines for not having your property maintained that could end up costing you or your business more money in the end.

DPI’s team has vast experience and knowledge that will put us above the other landscaping companies. We only employ the top professionals who bolster a wealth of experience in maintaining the landscape for our clients. We use only the top technology and time tested techniques that will always work that will make sure that your New York property is properly maintained. Your landscaping is an investment to boost your home or commercial properties’ overall appearance.

Make your property look the best it possibly can, DPI offers maintenance services year-round for our clients, regardless of what season. Get in touch with one of our professionals today and let us give you a free estimate on how we can maintain the beauty of your property.

New York is full of hustle and bustle, that sometimes we need a place to escape from it all. With all the towering buildings, and cramped streets sometimes we find that we might be missing a connection with nature. New Yorkers have come to love spending time on rooftops, whether its at bars or lounges or rooftop pools. We love to admire the skyline from the roof of the buildings and they are a great place to have a get-together and simply unwind.

commerical landscaping design

Many people crave to have that touch of green against all the gray. It is why DPI has made it one of our priorities to turn your rooftop from drab, into a fabulous green oasis that will give your property that touch of natural escape without having to leave Manhattan to get it.

A rooftop garden for your business or residential building can be an excellent addition to your property. It is an excellent way to create a dynamic space that will set you apart from everyone else. A rooftop garden is a perfect way to include a garden and some added greenery to a space. DPI has years of experience of turning your roof into an appealing and custom design for each of their clients.

What better compliments the breathtaking view of the Manhattan skyline than some added greenery? Rooftop gardens are an excellent addition to any commercial and residential property. They allow your guests to reap the added benefits of cleaner air, and a positive impact on their overall health. With a rooftop garden, you’ll find you want to spend all your time outdoors simply surrounded by all the beauty of a garden, without having to travel too far to experience it.

Our professional team at DPI are highly trained in being able to create the perfect garden for our clients, all while making sure that your ideal rooftop garden and creating one that is within your budget and meets your design plan. You can watch our team under your supervision as we revamp or design the rooftop garden of your dreams. Your satisfaction is our number one priority.

When you create a rooftop garden landscape for your commercial or residential property, you’ll create a lasting impression for your guests. A rooftop garden will enhance the value of your property and will become a space that you will want to host events and entertain guests in.

DPI has offered quality design, maintenance, and installation services for any and all of your commercial and residential rooftop garden design needs. We are highly skilled and trained to make your space look fantastic. Our team has been working for over 20 years and built a strong reputation in providing our properties with the greatest looking gardens for their roofs. You should look no further than us for all of your rooftop garden needs.

Get in touch with us today, and get the rooftop garden that your property deserves. Our experts are ready to create the ideal space for you.

commerical landscaping design

With modern standards changing, commercial landscaping design trends have changed considerably as well. People have now become more cautious about the way they live and the impact that their lifestyle has on the environment. Undoubtedly, a more aesthetically pleasing landscape adds to a property’s commercial value as well. Not only that, but it can also have a considerable impact on the health of the people who work on or around that property.

commerical landscaping design

You obviously do not want your prospective clients to visit your business if it has a shabby looking landscape. Proper landscaping plays a very important role in determining how your clients and employees look at your business. If that property is not very aesthetically pleasing, it will not help you garner any desired returns from a business sense.

Included below, we’ve compiled a list of the currently trending commercial landscape designs

1. Climate supporting landscapes: When weather conditions are uncertain, it is very important to develop methods that are durable and stand the test of time. You can opt for such commercial landscape designs that are climate-friendly and can withstand adverse weather conditions. Designs such as the pergolas and canopies are designed in such a way that they provide added protection to both your landscape and hardscapes.

2. Modern tools & techniques: Make sure that the mowing and planting tools or equipment that you use are both modern and reliable. You can also make use of leaf blowers, or other tools that are effective but don’t produce as much noise pollution.

3. Effective water management: SUSTAINABILITY is not simply a trend anymore. It is an initiative that has a major influence on how a landscape should be created. Integrating eco-friendly water management systems is a great way to work on building harmony within your environment.

4. Install different varieties of plants: Sheer elegance and simplicity is a bygone trend. Now is the time of pop colors and vibrancy. You can install colorful plants and trees on your commercial landscape that make it look aesthetic and vibrant. Installing patterned plants is also a great option.

5. Creative landscape designs: Today, most landscapes are built with the purpose of integrating things within a fun and effective environment. Implementing a creative landscape design can help you accomplish both of these things. There are a plethora of designs that you can use to help beautify your commercial landscape and create a lasting impression with both your clients and employees. 

Current commercial landscape design trends showcase an evolution of outdoor living. More and more commercial property owners in New York are opting to create an outdoor space that makes their property more fun and environmentally-friendly. Along with that, these trendy innovations tend to add huge value to their property by making use of any unused outdoor space. This makes their landscape both functionally and aesthetically pleasing.

Who are we?

Della Pasqua Industries is one of the leading Landscaping & Hardscaping companies in New York. We strive for nothing but 100% customer satisfaction by providing quality services to our clients. We also believe in using a proactive approach when conducting business with any of our clientele. Our decades of experience have allowed us to say that we are “the best in the business!” What are you waiting for? Get ahold of the experts at DPI today for a free quote.


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Your business is a reflection of every day, week, month, and year you’ve put into it. When you decide to build that business and everything that comes with it, that includes a number of things. From the building to your staff, it’s all a part of YOUR business. Shouldn’t the landscape surrounding your business be just as important? The experts here at DPI are your best option for getting expert Commercial Landscape Maintenance in Staten Island, New York. Here’s why commercial landscape maintenance is so essential for you and your business.

  • First Impressions Are Everything. Think about how you would feel if you went to a business and saw a messy-looking landscape. Would you feel good about giving them your business? It could be a storefront, a restaurant, or a law office. No matter what your business is, you should always strive to have your landscape looking good for potential customers and clientele. Most companies may focus on workplace interiors by adopting modern design, quality furniture (such as bought from officemonster.co.uk/office-furniture or similar websites), fancy cafeteria, and more, which does leave a lasting impression on a client. However, office exterior, including landscape and hardscape, can be as essential as other aspects of workplace design.
  • A Well-Maintained Landscape Increases Your Property Value. While you may not be looking to sell your property or change the location of your business any time soon, what if you wanted to? What if your property value were to rise so high that you could eventually move your business into a bigger location (if you wanted to)? Maintaining your landscape on a regular basis can help ensure your property value stays high.
  • A Well Maintained Landscape Can Improve The Mood Of Your Employees. Would you be happier going to work at a place that took pride in its appearance? Most people feel “happier” when going to work and they see a pleasant looking landscape. Happier employees can ultimately lead to a more productive workplace as well.

Did You Know?

One of the first things anyone notices prior to entering a building is the lawn or walkway leading up to the door or entrance of that building? It’s true! In fact, most potential clients or customers will develop a first impression of a business based on the landscape surrounding a business before anything else. Don’t let this happen to your business. Get the quality Commercial Landscape Maintenance in Staten Island, New York that your business deserves. The experts at DPI are the best around and can help your business create the kind of lasting impression you really want.


Think about the people that come in and out of your business every day, or pass it by while walking or driving. If it’s true that “first impressions are everything,” you’d be well advised to find quality Commercial Landscape Maintenance in Staten Island, NY that you rely on.

Forget About The Rest & Go For The Best!

Our professional landscapers here at DPI New York offer unparalleled design, maintenance, and installation services for all of your commercial and residential needs. We’ve done everything from landscaping to hardscaping, and fire pits to walkways. Don’t waste your time with a lesser-known company. DPI New York has been providing the greater New York/Tri-State area with the highest quality landscaping and hardscaping services around for over 20 years. During that time, we’ve built our reputation up to the point where we can proudly say we truly are “the best in the business at what we do.”

So What are you waiting for? Get the quality Commercial Landscape Maintenance in Staten Island, NY that your business deserves. The experts at DPI are ready to help your business create the type of lasting impression you truly want to deliver. Get in touch with us today!

green wall landscape

One of the biggest problems that New Yorkers face is the absence of a garden. New York City is filled with skyscrapers and apartment buildings and thus, it is tough to plant a garden. In such a place, the green wall landscapes are the garden that works the best. At DPI, our experts design exquisite green wall landscapes with innovative and modern techniques that work indoors as well as outdoors.

Whether it is a corporate property or an apartment in the city, green wall landscapes work the best. In a city full of concrete jungle, green walls give a much-needed dash of color, health, and happiness in the life of the denizens. Want to know more about green walls? Here are the reasons by our experts on why you should add a green wall to your property:

green wall landscape

Ideal for indoor spaces

One thing that all our clients ask for is whether the green walls can be installed indoors. Majority of people believe that to add green inside their home is only through the potted plants. However, that is not at all true. With living green walls, you would be able to make your home lush without compromising on floor space, workplace or your interior design.

The green wall landscapes work even better in the property with limited spaces. Many New Yorkers opt to add a small herb garden in their home through living walls.

Gardening as a way to express your emotions and mood

Every individual has a hobby. For the majority of New Yorkers, gardening is what they love. When properly planted and taken care of, plants serve as a great medium of beauty and expression. Green wall landscape acts as a canvas where you can modify and customize the plants and their settings according to your mood. Similar to the paint canvases, the living wall is nothing short of a place where you can express your mood.

Define your space

With limited living space in the apartments, the green walls also act as a great partition that can be used to define your space. From breaking down the backyard or even patio in different seating sections to creating meditation areas in your home, the green walls are the best ways to create beautiful structures without investing a lot of money.

Perfect for Urban Environments

The people who live in the city, especially in the boxed sized apartments have the roof and their balconies to create the gardens. However, as these places are small, green wall landscapes work the best. In the urban environment, the need for greenery is a must and green walls provide that. You can use green walls for aesthetics as well as functionality. The plants also ensure that there are less pollution and even less dust.

No matter what people think, adding a green wall to your residence or the commercial space is not an easy task. It needs to be done by the expert. At Della Pasqua Industries (DPI), we make sure that our clients are happy with the living walls. Our experts have more than 20 years of combined knowledge of the landscaping industry.

Residential Landscape Maintenance New York

A well-maintained landscape plays a vital role in lifting up the curb appeal of any surrounding. To keep your landscape well kept it is important to employ good landscape maintenance routines on a daily basis. It is important to understand what type of plants and trees would suit your abode the best. We, at Della Pasqua Industries, provide our customers with quality services for maintaining the residential landscapes.

The climatic conditions as well as the type of soil are the deciding factors and should be considered before planting different varieties of trees and shrubs in the vicinity as the conditions might be favorable for some plants while unfavorable for others. We study every aspect critically and suggest you the correct varieties of plants and trees that enhance the look of your residential landscape an makes it more appealing to visitors and passersby.

Every aspect of the residential area should be given equal attention as the overall look of the residential landscape is of utmost importance. Apart from keeping the landscape maintained, it is also essential to keep the walkways and borders neat and clean as this also plays a vital role in lifting the aesthetic appeal of the residential landscape.
Practicing proper bordering techniques helps in keeping the different varieties of plants and shrubs separated and also beautifies the surroundings.

Residential Landscape Maintenance

Below mentioned are some tips that a beginner must use in order to maintain his residential landscape:

Get rid of weeds: The growth of excessive weeds on your landscape is not good for the health of the plant. Weed is scientifically proven to hamper the quality of soil and decrease its fertility. The best way to treat weed is to pull out the entire growth from the roots so that it is not able to regrow. There are various tools can aid you in removing weed from the landscape such as hoes and weeders. Herbicides are also an option if the weed growth is excessive.

Keep a check on the soil: Maintaining the health of the soil is also very crucial to promote plant growth. Using an aerator can help in perforating the soil and maintain water levels. This is helpful as the nutrients and air reach deep into the soil. The best season to aerate your landscape is during fall.

Practice thatching: The technique of thatching is very useful in maintaining the health of the plants as it reduces the amount of dead and decaying elements from the top layer of the soil. However, thatching can prove to be healthy as well if lengths are kept to three-quarters of an inch. To practice thatching, tools such as a thatching rake or a power dethatcher can be used.

Mowing and Leveling: Mowing and leveling help in enhancing the overall look of the residential landscape. Mowing helps in improving the root development.

If you are a beginner and want to know more about residential landscape maintenance in New York or if you want to hire professionals for the same, contact DPI New York.

Commercial landscaping Design

New York City is a network of variety of systems. There are urban spaces that are fondly called the urban jungle and the big public spaces full of greenery such as Central Park. Landscape in New York, just like the city is very planned. While many people believe that the public spaces should be transformed in the urban spaces, the necessity of landscape is rising day by day. Our expert landscapers at DPI have always placed emphasis on the importance of landscape in the growing cities. There are numerous reasons why the public places are considered extremely important. Here are a few reasons why:

Commercial landscaping Design

It benefits our health
One of the biggest reasons to have landscape in the city is to create a relaxing environment through which the people can decompress from the stressful days. The open spaces such as parks and gardens better the air while reducing climate and water pollution. The leading planned landscapes in New York are Central Park in New York City, Washington State Park in Greenwich Village, Staten Island Greenbelt and more.

It helps build a sense of community, civic identity and culture
Public spaces are created not only to make the city beautiful but to create community, culture and a civic identity among the denizens of city. The landscapers are created to attract the citizens and improve their health and wellbeing. Properly designed landscape often inspire the people to better with their lives. Many homeowners go on to build professionally designed landscape after being inspired by the public spaces.

It helps distribute important information
Since the first cities came about, public spaces have always been an important source of providing important information to the people. With modern technology, this dispensation of facts and figures can be done in an aesthetically pleasing way, with professionally run digital signage services such as LoopTV. Many homeowners integrate digital signage into their landscape, as they can promote their neighborhood while adding a sense of liveliness to it.

Has the ability to drive economic growth
The landscaping and hardscaping improves the aesthetic value of the property. The landscapes on the public scale improve the city and promotes its economic growth. The parks such as Central Park Landscape in New York City are not only perfect for family picnic or spending a day in nature but are great for concerts or functions.

Can transform wasted space
There is so much space even in the planned cities that is wasted as it is left bare. The walls of the corporate buildings can be transformed in green walls and vertical gardens. Old waterfalls and waterfronts with minimum traffic can be transformed in tree lined paths. These changes in the unused public spaces gives character as the city is full of concrete skyscrapers. A dash of color, addition of art installation or creating community attraction gives the city, it much required planned landscape. Our designers have worked with numerous commercial and residential property owners to create a landscape that inspires.

The landscape in the New York – present as well as potential- are to be planned and created in such a way that they become a cultural hub for the tourists and citizens alike. Our professional landscape designers incorporate the designs and suggestions that are meant to inspire and invigorate any one you spends time in it. We work on residential as well commercial landscape and create them in a way

Hardscape - DPI

Over the years, we have seen the trend of eco-friendly Landscape and Hardscape Gardening. Homeowners all around the New York want to go green but do not know how to begin. Our expert landscapers work with numerous homeowners and transform their backyards into an environmentally friendly place. Here are ideas from our experts to help you out:

Hardscaping New York

Swap Out the Grass
The grass is one of the usual yard covers. However, the grass requires a lot of water and hard work to maintain. To reduce the work, hardscapes such as pavers and rocks are trending. You can also look for stamped concrete slabs, which can be used for paving. You could get the supply of such hardscape materials from a concrete contractor who you can contact online on their business website like https://concretecontractorsphx.com/, for example. The grass is being swapped out for the hardscape and low-maintenance ground covers. The trending hardscape uses less energy and resources, and your lawn will stay gorgeous with constant maintenance.

Plant More Trees
Trees are one element that provides a lot without giving too much back in return. They purify the air, provide shade and make sure that there is less erosion in the ground. Planting a tree is quite easy and once planted they don’t take a lot of maintenance and work.

Start a Compost Pile
Majority of people consider composting as something that takes too much of effort. Composting is one of the most eco-friendly processes. The majority of kitchen scraps such as vegetable skins, fruits, and core can easily be composted. Yard waste such as leaves also can also be easily composted and turned into mulch.

Get a Rain Barrel
Another way to save the resources is to add a rain barrel. A rain barrel catches the rainwater to be reused to water the garden. This way you’ll be helping the environment along with saving money. Another way to save water is by doing in the coolest part of the day! If the plants are watered in the hottest part of the day, the water will evaporate quickly before plants can use it.

Use Fewer Chemicals
The main problem with landscaping is often the number of chemicals that are used. Natural fertilizers such as composting works wonder.

Our expert landscape designers incorporate the designs and suggestions that are approved by you. We can help your landscape and hardscape– residential as well commercial– to be the success in your area. At Della Pasqua Industries (DPI), we have more than 20 years of combined knowledge of the landscaping industry.

professional landscape designers

Nothing is more captivating than a beautiful maintained front lawn. While, it is easy to add a few paved stoned or plant a few flowers, but adding right features at the right place is what professional landscaping is all about. As professional landscape designers, we advise the majority of homeowners in New York City to use the landscape features in the right way.

There are countless combinations of the plants, shrubs, trees, and other landscaping features that can make your front yard something new. If your front yard is looking tired, has been ravaged by pests (in which case you may need PA pest control or other pest control service in your own local area), or is no longer working for you, it might be time to think about an exterior update. We work with residential and commercial property owners creating the landscapes they love. Want a few pointers? Here are a few tips to beautify your landscape:

professional landscape designers

Incorporate a beautiful pathway
You might love the big beautiful garden, green grass, and the large trees that surround your home garden. However, if there is no pathway, the guests might use the grass to enter your home. This will destroy your precious grass and landscape. Therefore, a well-sculpted, maintained pathway and the services of Tree Trimming experts can impress the visitors visiting your home and also keep your landscape thriving. The pathway can lead to your front door even in New York’s harsh winters. Along with that, you can add light, plants, and even water features to beautify it. Sometimes, a ‘less is more’ approach is also great for landscaping. If you have some damaged or ugly looking trees in your garden, then rather than trying to fix them, it would be better to remove them entirely with the help of professional Tree Removal services. This would help de-clutter your landscape and give it a sense of minimalist beauty.

Water features
Another feature that we often incorporate in our projects and is currently trending is the water features. The water features can be added in a variety of ways such as fountains, small ponds, streams, and more. From the front lawn to the backyard, the water features can be incorporated anywhere you want. These features add a bit of a wow factor to your property and increase its value.

Adding space to your front yard
The residential property owners often believe that the landscaping endeavors belong to the backyard built that it is not true. While it is true that the front yard does not have the open space such as backyards, there is still enough the space to turn the beautiful lawn in an inviting garden.

Our professional landscape designers are expert in creating beautifully designed sitting areas, walkways and a variety of water features. Right features and our experienced designers an create a beautiful and functional front yard. Right elements can change your front yard in ways you cannot even imagine.

Adding Sections
Another way to add something interesting to your property is by adding sections to the yard. Whether it is your backyard or front yard, creating appealing sections with the help of modern shed company or other similar firms can divide your yard into something that is chic and elegant. Each section fits another like a puzzle and your yard is nothing but art. Each divider has numerous plants and features on different heights. The different borders of the section are created to draw the eye of the visitors.

Our professional landscape designers incorporate the designs and suggestions that are approved by you. We can help your landscape — residential as well commercial— to be the success in your area. At Della Pasqua Industries (DPI), we have more than 20 years of combined knowledge of the landscaping industry.

Professional Landscape Designers

Summer is the season of landscape makeover. Throughout the season, we have clients — residential as well as commercial asking to integrate something special to their landscape. The changes do not necessarily need to be big. Addition of backyard lighting or basic layout changes can also make the landscape different and unique. All you need is the right person to find and execute the idea.

Our experts work hard to provide the right solutions to our clients. As professional landscape designers, we focus on 4 main things: color, water element, layout and the right lighting. These four elements can bring the change that is required.

Professional Landscape Designers


Currently, backlights are in trend. Any lighting that soothes the whole landscape and gives a calm ambiance is loved by the New Yorkers. After all, everyone needs a bit of peace in their lives. The right amount of lighting can be used to illuminate the structures and sidewalks. Crates walkways and relaxing spaces are also in trend.

The usual landscape layout is out of the trends. Nowadays, people are in love with the grandiose plants that give their existing layout a big boost. After analyzing the layout of the landscape, we generally use trellis, pergola and other tall boulders to add height and variety to the garden. With right space, you can also add fire pits and outdoor cooking area.

The most subtle way of adding colors to the landscape is using flowers and other blooming plants. A landscape makeover is not complete until the colors are added. Red aglaonema, a beautiful plant adds the touch of color to the green landscape. Same can be done using poinsettias and orchids.


The water feature creates a relaxing backdrop of white noise. This makes the landscape more serene and peaceful as it downs the noise of people talking or the cars passing. The addition of a small pond, waterfalls, and streams are the trending ways of adding a water element.

The secret of integrating these landscapes perfectly is the right positioning. A correct layout of the landscape makes sure that each element of the landscape is easily focused. We make sure that each feature of your landscape complements the other one.

Thinking of getting your landscape renovated for the season? Let our experts help you out! At Della Pasqua Industries (DPI), we have more than 20 years of combined knowledge of the landscaping industry.