Every day clients consult our experts to know how they can make their background better. One of the best advice we give them is adding patio under the deck. A well designed and well-built backyard creates a place for the homeowners to entertain their guests and create a seamless entertainment zone. At DPI, landscape design in NYC is our specialty. We make sure that each and every client’s backyard is just the way they want.

Now to transform the area, it is important to make sure that you know in depth about the backyard and the way it should be designed. The usual questions that our expert answer is the ideas to create patio under the deck along with using the space to the maximum.

Parameters to be taken into consideration

Before our experts begin the work, there are a few considerations to be made. Creation of a patio along with proper landscape is something that needs to be understood in depth. The functionality of the space, creating in backyard budget and investment of money in the right place are just a few things that need to be kept under check.

patios landscape design in NYC


One of the most important and basic things that need to be the focus on first is the drainage. A backyard without drainage would create huge problems and can do serious damage to the house. The last thing any homeowner wants is to have a waterlogged basement because of wrong patio construction.

While crafting landscape design in NYC, our experts first create a drainage system. Any new construction that would be done will make sure that the water flows in downspouts and far away from the finished landscape. It is also the responsibility if our experts to create landscape and hardscape that goes well with the design of the home.

Grading and low clearances

New York Department of Building has a variety of laws regarding new construction in the backyards and front yard. Any kinds of plans need to be approved by the NY Department of Building. If your backyard has slopes, then you will need to get permits for retaining walls, along with clearance for a patio.

Adding lighting, fans, & heaters

Any backyard created to entertain the guests requires added lightning and other features. The added features of fan and heaters make the place more usable in every kind of weather. Recessed lighting creates a relaxing ambiance for everyone to get relieved of their stress. Incorporation of heater ensures that the patio can be fully used in the chilly winters too.

Choosing patio materials

Any hardscaping needs right and quality materials. This is essentially crucial for patio construction. One of the most common and best options is of the natural stone of concrete. These two materials also work well with the drainage and water. Make sure you tell in detail about the patio you want so that our experts can plan the right solutions.

As a leading New York landscaping company, our professional landscape designers integrate the designs and suggestions that the homeowners want. Creating a patio just the way you want is our goal. We can help with your hardscape and landscape design in NYC on residential as well commercial properties. The experts at Della Pasqua Industries (DPI) have more than 20 years of combined knowledge of the landscaping industry.