If you live in New York City, you must have seen the beautiful commercial landscapes outside the buildings. Landscapes are the facilities that make a building attractive from the outside. The latest trends in the landscape design saw the landscape designers in New York City opting for bold textures, bright colors and a huge range of plants. The beautiful plants offer more than the simple beauty, it offers security and safety of the building. Along with the security, here are other reasons that make it necessary for the commercial buildings to have exquisite landscape:

1. Easy drainage:

The landscape automatically absorbs the water and slows its run-off. A well planned and designed landscape helps to weather the storm and take care of the drainage. A deluged building is a hazard for the clients and bad for business. Our expert landscape designers will help you select the right kind of the plants which can help you create the right landscape that symbolizes the business.

Commercial landscaping Design

2. Lighting:

A good lighting decor helps to create and accentuate the design elements of the landscape. The lighting is functional and elegant. It lights up the pathways, entrances, and walkways.

3. Lessens the crime:

According to a study, good landscape and places with trees have low crime rate. Researchers from the University of Vermont recently found out that a 10% increase in the trees decreased the crime rate by 12%. Along with this the landscape can be efficiently used to enhance the visual security. Cameras can be placed to ensure that the buildings remain secure and safe.

4. Easy pedestrian and traffic flow:

The shrubs and plants along the walkways and paths make it clear to the clients where to go. The use of steel pipe bollard and other traffic management signs should be proper. A properly designed landscape makes it easy for the pedestrian traffic to keep moving forward. It is functional as well as beautiful. The plants along the pathways should be without any low limbs or thorns. The plants should not be a tripping hazards. There should also be no potholes, plant stumps or irrigation heads.

5. Waiting Area:

The landscape creates a waiting area where people can rest and enjoy the sunshine in winters as well as summers. Especially if the landscape is near the bus stop, people can enjoy while they wait. Benches in the shady areas help to stay out of the harsh sun while increasing the value of the property.

6. Lessens the fire hazard:

A properly designed landscape will reduce the fire hazard by providing alternative water routes, more green spaces and access to the emergency vehicles.

7. Keeps a few spaces off limits:

The landscapes help to keep the certain areas such as telecom or electrical boxes off limits from the general public. Our landscape experts can design the garden to ensure that the public is not able to see or access the off-limit spaces.

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