Over the years, we have seen the trend of eco-friendly Landscape and Hardscape Gardening. Homeowners all around the New York want to go green but do not know how to begin. Our expert landscapers work with numerous homeowners and transform their backyards into an environmentally friendly place. Here are ideas from our experts to help you out:

Hardscaping New York

Swap Out the Grass
The grass is one of the usual yard covers. However, the grass requires a lot of water and hard work to maintain. To reduce the work, hardscapes such as pavers and rocks are trending. You can also look for stamped concrete slabs, which can be used for paving. You could get the supply of such hardscape materials from a concrete contractor who you can contact online on their business website like https://concretecontractorsphx.com/, for example. The grass is being swapped out for the hardscape and low-maintenance ground covers. The trending hardscape uses less energy and resources, and your lawn will stay gorgeous with constant maintenance.

Plant More Trees
Trees are one element that provides a lot without giving too much back in return. They purify the air, provide shade and make sure that there is less erosion in the ground. Planting a tree is quite easy and once planted they don’t take a lot of maintenance and work.

Start a Compost Pile
Majority of people consider composting as something that takes too much of effort. Composting is one of the most eco-friendly processes. The majority of kitchen scraps such as vegetable skins, fruits, and core can easily be composted. Yard waste such as leaves also can also be easily composted and turned into mulch.

Get a Rain Barrel
Another way to save the resources is to add a rain barrel. A rain barrel catches the rainwater to be reused to water the garden. This way you’ll be helping the environment along with saving money. Another way to save water is by doing in the coolest part of the day! If the plants are watered in the hottest part of the day, the water will evaporate quickly before plants can use it.

Use Fewer Chemicals
The main problem with landscaping is often the number of chemicals that are used. Natural fertilizers such as composting works wonder.

Our expert landscape designers incorporate the designs and suggestions that are approved by you. We can help your landscape and hardscape– residential as well commercial– to be the success in your area. At Della Pasqua Industries (DPI), we have more than 20 years of combined knowledge of the landscaping industry.