We all have a blank wall, a fence or a balcony where a garden would look perfect. But the place is small and you would need to get creative if you want a beautiful garden. The latest trend in the landscape design is vertical garden design. Vertical gardening is using the vertical space to create a kitchen, terrarium or a climbing garden to beautify the space.

Vertical Garden Design

It is necessary that the vertical garden is designed in such a way that the optimum space is used. With the right vertical garden design you can create a garden arbor, grow more plants and nurture healthy plants. You can even look up handyman near me in Indianapolis (if that’s where you’re based) to find some assistance with the project. Here are a few ways to creatively design your vertical garden:

Creative ways to plant a vertical garden

Gutter system

One of the most effective vertical garden designs is a gutter system. In this system, the idea is that you can repurpose old gutters that have recently been replaced by companies that install gutters atlanta or in your locality. The gutter system becomes like a window box. You have to make sure that there is enough space between the gutter sections so that the plants get full sunlight. You will have to make the drainage holes on the bottom of the gutters. With drainage holes, the plants won’t get waterlogged and will retain the amount of water that is necessary.

Green wall

This system is generally used by the big residential complexes and corporate offices to improve their environment credentials. A green wall is designed by the expert designers as it is important to plant right kind of plants.

Leather and Wood Trellis

Another way to plant a vertical garden is by using the wood and leather trellis. The trellis offers the option to include several plants on a single wall. .

Stand-Alone Wall

Similar to the green wall, the stand alone wall is built by adding the hex wire to a wooden frame. A basic cedar frame can accommodate maximum of 35 small pots. However, you can customize it according to the wall. Just make sure that you leave enough distance between the plants so that they can grow.

Tray herb garden

This is a perfect idea if you plant a herb garden in your balcony. The large vertical trays are strong and good and can be used to plant the herbs. You can buy customized trays if you want to create a big herb garden. Make sure that your fasteners hold well to the wall and support the plant roots.

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