Fall is here, and much like the return of pumpkin spice lattes, it is time once more for you to have to maintain your property for the fall. You might think that since plants and other forms of greenery aren’t in bloom at this time of the year the maintenance of your property would decrease. However, that is not the case. With the fall comes the turning of the leaves, and although they are beautiful, you would find it rather troublesome to have to walk through giant piles of them to get from one point to the next.

commerical landscaping design

The landscape on your property is beautiful, and you want it to always look its best. It won’t however if you aren’t maintaining it. At DPI we understand that you are busy, and sometimes you do not have the time yourself to maintain the landscape of your commercial or residential property. Whether your property needs season maintenance, or weekly upkeep to ensure it is always looking its best. DPI has a wide variety of services that we offer our New York clients, and we can create a maintenance plan that will meet your landscaping needs and budget!

DPI has prided itself on being the top provider for commercial and residential landscapes for all of our New York clients for more than 20 years. We deliver prompt and detailed service for all of our jobs and dedicate ourselves to ensuring that the beauty in your landscaping lasts a lifetime. From leave removal and cleanup, chemical treatments, and mowing, there is no service too big or small for our team.

While autumn leaves are stunning, and their colors can provide an excellent scenic view for your property, it won’t attract too many visitors if they find it difficult to navigate through it. sometimes giant piles of leaves can pose to be a safety risk if they are covering cracks in the pavement or other sorts of dangers that can arise when you have leaves covering up potential risks, also you could face fines for not having your property maintained that could end up costing you or your business more money in the end.

DPI’s team has vast experience and knowledge that will put us above the other landscaping companies. We only employ the top professionals who bolster a wealth of experience in maintaining the landscape for our clients. We use only the top technology and time tested techniques that will always work that will make sure that your New York property is properly maintained. Your landscaping is an investment to boost your home or commercial properties’ overall appearance.

Make your property look the best it possibly can, DPI offers maintenance services year-round for our clients, regardless of what season. Get in touch with one of our professionals today and let us give you a free estimate on how we can maintain the beauty of your property.

New York is full of hustle and bustle, that sometimes we need a place to escape from it all. With all the towering buildings, and cramped streets sometimes we find that we might be missing a connection with nature. New Yorkers have come to love spending time on rooftops, whether its at bars or lounges or rooftop pools. We love to admire the skyline from the roof of the buildings and they are a great place to have a get-together and simply unwind.

commerical landscaping design

Many people crave to have that touch of green against all the gray. It is why DPI has made it one of our priorities to turn your rooftop from drab, into a fabulous green oasis that will give your property that touch of natural escape without having to leave Manhattan to get it.

A rooftop garden for your business or residential building can be an excellent addition to your property. It is an excellent way to create a dynamic space that will set you apart from everyone else. A rooftop garden is a perfect way to include a garden and some added greenery to a space. DPI has years of experience of turning your roof into an appealing and custom design for each of their clients.

What better compliments the breathtaking view of the Manhattan skyline than some added greenery? Rooftop gardens are an excellent addition to any commercial and residential property. They allow your guests to reap the added benefits of cleaner air, and a positive impact on their overall health. With a rooftop garden, you’ll find you want to spend all your time outdoors simply surrounded by all the beauty of a garden, without having to travel too far to experience it.

Our professional team at DPI are highly trained in being able to create the perfect garden for our clients, all while making sure that your ideal rooftop garden and creating one that is within your budget and meets your design plan. You can watch our team under your supervision as we revamp or design the rooftop garden of your dreams. Your satisfaction is our number one priority.

When you create a rooftop garden landscape for your commercial or residential property, you’ll create a lasting impression for your guests. A rooftop garden will enhance the value of your property and will become a space that you will want to host events and entertain guests in.

DPI has offered quality design, maintenance, and installation services for any and all of your commercial and residential rooftop garden design needs. We are highly skilled and trained to make your space look fantastic. Our team has been working for over 20 years and built a strong reputation in providing our properties with the greatest looking gardens for their roofs. You should look no further than us for all of your rooftop garden needs.

Get in touch with us today, and get the rooftop garden that your property deserves. Our experts are ready to create the ideal space for you.