Dos and Don’ts of Rooftop Landscaping

With modern-day lifestyle dynamics changes, most city dwellers suffer from limited space. Hence, a rooftop or balcony garden is the option for landscaping. Spring has almost hit the door, so you need to give your rooftop a makeover to enhance curb appeal and increase the value of your property. But there’s a trick. If you want to get the maximum return on landscaping improvements, make sure they are done properly. With the professional rooftop landscaping provider in NYC, you can ensure well-maintained and manicured rooftop. We, at DPI have experienced and well-trained landscapers to provide the best care to your backyard and rooftop garden.

Rooftop Landscaping in NYC

Let’s first learn why to consider rooftop garden.

  • To make the best use a of unused space.
  • A beautiful garden is always appealing to eyes.
  • You can get privacy and place of reflection.
  • They help in climate change.

There are various things to know before considering the rooftop landscape. The following are some of the things you should have on your checklist before you begin your landscaping project.

Seek permission – Most of the apartment owners in NYC have to abide by the code of conduct before considering rooftop landscaping. Restrictions to accessibility may prohibit you from using your rooftop. Therefore, it is better to confirm with the management or landlord before beginning your rooftop landscaping project.

Make sure you have water supply – Gardening flowers and plants require lots of water to sustain. Just depending on water cans can be daunting and frustrating. So, you need to consider alternative options that can make your gardening experience more fun and enjoyable. You can either install a rain barrel or drip irrigation to help overcome the water availability issue.

Structural integrity – When it comes to planting pots, they are heavy. Most of the professional landscaper advice that the rooftop or balcony needs to have the structural integrity to bear a certain amount of weight. Before you indulge in rooftop gardening, make sure you check it with the expert to know whether your rooftop is appropriate or not for landscaping.

You rooftop shouldn’t have lots of sunlight exposure – Excess of heat or sunlight can be harmful to your plants and flowers. Make sure your rooftop has some sort of shade to offer so that plants don’t swelter.

Availability of sunlight – Some of the ornamental plants require electricity at night to grow properly. However, electricity is not a necessity. If you want to enjoy your garden at night, candles are the best source of lighting and give the best ambiance.

Have proper storage – Gardening involves a lot of equipment, such as fertilizer, tools, compost, and buckets. These require proper space for storage. It is advised to use narrow closets and shelves when you don’t have enough space inside your house.

Cost – Cost is one of the major concerns for any project. In the beginning, you can go for a small rooftop landscape, later you can make it larger as you become more knowledgeable about rooftop gardening. One way to cut down the cost is by using inexpensive plants, and pots with soil from the neighborhood.

Although these factors are important, they shouldn’t deter you from considering rooftop landscaping. Plus, always consider professional advice to confirm whether your rooftop is appropriate for landscaping or not. Are you looking for professional rooftop landscaping providers in NYC? Contact us DPI – 7182277329.