Top Reasons To Choose Vertical Garden Designs In 2019

Purchased a home already? But forgot to take into consideration the garden space? Get out of the ranting phase, and consider selecting vertical garden designs. You can also think of getting green wall landscapes and garden wall designs for your home or commercial setting.

At Della Pasqua Industries, we provide our clients with optimized ideas to cultivate their dream of having a garden in their residential setting. No matter how small the area is, our experts thrive to present customized ideas at very genuine prices. Vertical gardening is an upcoming trend and more and more people are opting for the same because of its umpteen benefits and low maintenance.  In case you have limited gardening space, the options automatically become less. This is when the idea of vertical gardening comes in handy.

Vertical gardening is the technique of growing a garden inclining towards the wall i.e. in an upward direction. It gets its support from the walls just like climbers. Usually, the material used to provide vertical support is a trellis. Other methods of providing support can also be employed for this purpose. This way, one can fabricate a shield of the film between the vertical garden and the living space. This can also provide more privacy to your abode. Going by the trend, nowadays, people are growing fruits, flowers,  and vegetables on their vertical gardens.

Vertical Garden Designs

Below mentioned are the top reasons to choose vertical garden designs in 2019

  • Save big on space: Growing vertically will save you a lot of space. You can use this space to install additional items of decoration that will add to the aesthetic value of the entire set. Not only this, you can use this saved up space to add up to grow even more plants and flowers. Vertical gardening is beneficial when you have little outdoor space and wish to extend it. Installing vertical gardens can reap you this benefit. All you have to do is systematically arrange all the additional items.  


  • Best choice for indoor spaces: Many people are not aware of the concept of vertical gardening and are aloof from the benefits that it has to offer. Installing vertical gardens on the walls of your setting can induce a large amount of greenery and a touch of nature to the overall surrounding. Vertical gardening is not about just planting some potted plants on your walls. It can be more than that. You can plant more flowers and different varieties of plants on the green walls. In addition to this, it makes for a great scenic view.


  • Serves as a decorative piece: Most of the times, the only decorative articles that a person can think of include photo frames, designer clocks, and paintings. They are clueless of the other options such as green walls and vertical gardens. If you are a nature enthusiast, installing vertical gardens can be the ideal choice for you. These can form truly creative pieces of art. Your guests will be left in awe of your perfect taste in art and the creative side that you possess. Not only this, you can customize these designs according to your preferences.   


  • Aesthetic appeal: A green wall lifts up the overall aesthetic value of the home or commercial setting. It adds a beautiful touch of greenery and provides a soothing ambiance to the environment. People can experience health benefits as well with vertical green walls.


We, at Della Pasqua Industries, provide expert green walls and vertical gardens design services to our clients in order to enhance the look of their home and any other setting. With years of experience, we impart exceptional services to design customized designs for you. Be it a green wall landscape, designs for garden walls, or vertical garden designs, we have solutions that match every space.