professional landscape designers

Nothing is more captivating than a beautiful maintained front lawn. While, it is easy to add a few paved stoned or plant a few flowers, but adding right features at the right place is what professional landscaping is all about. As professional landscape designers, we advise the majority of homeowners in New York City to use the landscape features in the right way.

There are countless combinations of the plants, shrubs, trees, and other landscaping features that can make your front yard something new. If your front yard is looking tired, has been ravaged by pests (in which case you may need PA pest control or other pest control service in your own local area), or is no longer working for you, it might be time to think about an exterior update. We work with residential and commercial property owners creating the landscapes they love. Want a few pointers? Here are a few tips to beautify your landscape:

professional landscape designers

Incorporate a beautiful pathway
You might love the big beautiful garden, green grass, and the large trees that surround your home garden. However, if there is no pathway, the guests might use the grass to enter your home. This will destroy your precious grass and landscape. Therefore, a well-sculpted, maintained pathway and the services of Tree Trimming experts can impress the visitors visiting your home and also keep your landscape thriving. The pathway can lead to your front door even in New York’s harsh winters. Along with that, you can add light, plants, and even water features to beautify it. Sometimes, a ‘less is more’ approach is also great for landscaping. If you have some damaged or ugly looking trees in your garden, then rather than trying to fix them, it would be better to remove them entirely with the help of professional Tree Removal services. This would help de-clutter your landscape and give it a sense of minimalist beauty.

Water features
Another feature that we often incorporate in our projects and is currently trending is the water features. The water features can be added in a variety of ways such as fountains, small ponds, streams, and more. From the front lawn to the backyard, the water features can be incorporated anywhere you want. These features add a bit of a wow factor to your property and increase its value.

Adding space to your front yard
The residential property owners often believe that the landscaping endeavors belong to the backyard built that it is not true. While it is true that the front yard does not have the open space such as backyards, there is still enough the space to turn the beautiful lawn in an inviting garden.

Our professional landscape designers are expert in creating beautifully designed sitting areas, walkways and a variety of water features. Right features and our experienced designers an create a beautiful and functional front yard. Right elements can change your front yard in ways you cannot even imagine.

Adding Sections
Another way to add something interesting to your property is by adding sections to the yard. Whether it is your backyard or front yard, creating appealing sections with the help of modern shed company or other similar firms can divide your yard into something that is chic and elegant. Each section fits another like a puzzle and your yard is nothing but art. Each divider has numerous plants and features on different heights. The different borders of the section are created to draw the eye of the visitors.

Our professional landscape designers incorporate the designs and suggestions that are approved by you. We can help your landscape — residential as well commercial— to be the success in your area. At Della Pasqua Industries (DPI), we have more than 20 years of combined knowledge of the landscaping industry.