Professional Landscape Designers

Summer is the season of landscape makeover. Throughout the season, we have clients — residential as well as commercial asking to integrate something special to their landscape. The changes do not necessarily need to be big. Addition of backyard lighting or basic layout changes can also make the landscape different and unique. All you need is the right person to find and execute the idea.

Our experts work hard to provide the right solutions to our clients. As professional landscape designers, we focus on 4 main things: color, water element, layout and the right lighting. These four elements can bring the change that is required.

Professional Landscape Designers


Currently, backlights are in trend. Any lighting that soothes the whole landscape and gives a calm ambiance is loved by the New Yorkers. After all, everyone needs a bit of peace in their lives. The right amount of lighting can be used to illuminate the structures and sidewalks. Crates walkways and relaxing spaces are also in trend.

The usual landscape layout is out of the trends. Nowadays, people are in love with the grandiose plants that give their existing layout a big boost. After analyzing the layout of the landscape, we generally use trellis, pergola and other tall boulders to add height and variety to the garden. With right space, you can also add fire pits and outdoor cooking area.

The most subtle way of adding colors to the landscape is using flowers and other blooming plants. A landscape makeover is not complete until the colors are added. Red aglaonema, a beautiful plant adds the touch of color to the green landscape. Same can be done using poinsettias and orchids.


The water feature creates a relaxing backdrop of white noise. This makes the landscape more serene and peaceful as it downs the noise of people talking or the cars passing. The addition of a small pond, waterfalls, and streams are the trending ways of adding a water element.

The secret of integrating these landscapes perfectly is the right positioning. A correct layout of the landscape makes sure that each element of the landscape is easily focused. We make sure that each feature of your landscape complements the other one.

Thinking of getting your landscape renovated for the season? Let our experts help you out! At Della Pasqua Industries (DPI), we have more than 20 years of combined knowledge of the landscaping industry.