Does your home catches home buyers eyes with those stylish updates and landscaping ideas? Landscape and hardscape in NYC can make or break a home’s curb appeal. Do not let bad landscaping ruin your curb appeal.

No matter how much you adore your exteriors and interiors, remember that to an outsider too much disorderly green can look like disrepair. Shrubs that are thick to the point that windows are covered can visually ‘eat the house.

Colors are extremely important to make your house feel welcoming. Choose colors that can give a bright and clean look to your house. As you see your house daily so you may overlook its exterior blahs and flaws. But if your house doesn’t live up to its curb appeal, a few changes can give it a fantastic look.

Good curb appeal isn’t only about a tidy exterior and attractive landscaping. Boost your street chic by creative ideas that will make passers-by to stare and prospective buyers swoon.

Whether you’re selling or staying, follow these 9 tips to maximize your curb appeal and keep your home’s landscaping and exterior looking its best.

Pick the Right Landscaping: If you want to create curb appeal that will not lose its look through all the seasons and years, look for low maintenance plants. Let a landscaper help you choose plants for your front lawn that will thrive without much fuss from you.

Make it Shine: Your home may lose its exterior look with landscaping features such as paths, walls, and other hardscaping getting dirty over time. Get your landscape features professionally pressure washed so that they give a glossy look.

Make Watering Easier: An automatic irrigation system will keep your landscape lush and green. This will typically use less water than sprinkler system. Keeping your lawn watered will make it yellow and patchy.

Tailor Border Plantings: Large random-looking plants can overwhelm new eyes. Your border plantings should be clean, grouped by color to cover up foundations and external vents.

Lessen the Lawn: You won’t be able to maintain your home’s curb appeal when you always have to mow, fertilize and weed your lawn. Replace at least some of your lawn with low-maintenance garden beds filled with evergreen shrubs which grow well in most soils and require little maintenance.

Maintain Paint and Siding: Periodically check your home’s paint for any dull or damaged growth. Fixing problems early can help you avoid a costly repair when it comes time to sell. Keep the growth in check with regular cleaning.

Brighten House Numbers: Small things like your house number can make a big difference in the overall curb appeal. Paint house numbers so they pop out.

Freshen Up the Front Entrance: The main doorway of a home gets a lot of use and can be a in a bad condition. The front door is a focal point, paint it with an eye catching color and hardware, that is required to be kept lookin nice to maintain your home’s curb appeal. Make sure the doorbell works properly and repair any loose railings.

Light the Path: Do not forget the landscape lighting, it can seriously boost your curb appeal. Giving proper lighting under steps, on path borders and water features will allow your landscaping features to shine out.

Home is where the heart is. Have your friends, neighbors and family step back and have a look at the house. Draw buyers and visitors in through your landscape ideas. It will bring a dramatic difference that you’ll appreciate every time you pull into your driveway.